How do I deactivate a child/family/adult?




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    David Stew

    Deactivating your youngster's record implies, it will never again be searchable inside kick, and the record will be erased from the Kik contact arrangements of the considerable number of individuals your teenager has conversed with. someone write my assignment. To deactivate your high schooler's Kik account, you'll require access to the email deliver enrolled to their record.

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    Collie Bottom

    Good information! Deactivating your child’s record infers, it will never again be searchable inside kick, and write my essay 4 me the record will be deleted from the Kik contact game plans of the extensive number of people your adolescent has bantered with. To deactivate your high researcher's Kik account, you'll oblige access to the email convey selected to their record. Thanks a lot!!!

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